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Monday, November 23, 2009

Buffalo Rising on "University Slope"

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University Slope - Again
by Steel

A year or so ago I wrote a BRO story on a portion of University Heights that I took upon myself to call "University Slope". I did not have a very extensive or very good set of photographs of the neighborhood at the time; now that I do, I have put together this slideshow stroll through one of Buffalo's least known neighborhood treasures. This section of University Heights occupies a triangular area at the north end of the city, west of the UB Main Street Campus.

The streets sweep up a gentle but dramatic (by Buffalo Standards) slope. The bell tower of Hayes Hall on campus forms an elegant backdrop to many streets. In recent years, University Heights has been painted with a broad brush as a place with growing urban problems including crime, rowdy students, badly managed absentee property, and poor city services. This neighborhood really does not fit that stereotype, hence I gave it a new name.

What one finds in this portion of the city is actually a picturesque enclave of streets with well-kept (mostly owner occupied) houses. The streets wind and angle in a complex weave as they fit into the triangle between Kenmore Avenue and Main Street. You feel enveloped within this comfortable setting as you explore its small blocks and mini parks lined, with comfortable houses mostly in the homey craftsman style. You will even find a major Buffalo art gallery (UB's Anderson Gallery) here. The people who live here are friendly and eager to brag about their hidden treasure. Check out the slide show and see if you agree.

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  1. Merrimac? Heath? tyler?...a few more in "the slope" with home owners that should be recognized