University Heights, Buffalo, NY

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Open Letter to the"Answer Lady"

To whom it may concern, but I think just about everyone knows who you are………

I am very tired….. very tired of your negative blogging. Many of us in the University District are working hard to improve the living conditions in the area we have all chosen to call home. Your type of anonymous and generally venomous commentary does absolutely nothing to help those of us that are trying to generate positive change. I for one, not that you probably care, am retired and have chosen to give back to the community in many different and satisfying ways and I know that we have a long slog ahead of us. There is an old saying that should become the motto of all of us that have chosen to give their time to the enrichment of our community. “If you are not part of the solution you are probably part of the problem”.

I am available, at your convenience, to discuss your comments…. But I would be very surprised if that occurred.

Fred Brace


  1. I was moved last night be the members of the Minnesota Block Club who attended last night's University Heights Collaborative meeting. Their dedication, even in the face of sniping from people who don't know their street like they do, is inspirational.

    There is nothing easier than standing on the outside and being critical of those who are working to make the world a better place. It is far more difficult to roll up your sleeves and help.

    Hopefully Fred's invitation, or the other invitations like it, will help to put an end to the sniping and increase the efforts on behalf of the neighborhood.

  2. If Mr. Brace would do me the honor of sending an email my way regarding a question I have about the "Answer Lady", I'd be much obliged. buffalopundit[at]

  3. well saId mr. brace!