University Heights, Buffalo, NY

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'UB Getting Dirty'

On April 10th, UB's Student Association will be coordinating the annual "UB Getting Dirty" cleanup campaign that recruits several hundred volunteers to perform service within the area around the South Campus.

Every year, the program partners homeowner volunteers with university volunteers in order to facilitate camaraderie and achieve the highest impact in the neighborhood. There are already a number of projects planned for this year's event, but there will most likely be accomodations made for a few more. If you have a project for which you are interested in seeking volunteers and if you will be able to work with the volunteers as well, please contact UB's Office of Off-Campus Student Services at 829-3541.

Projects with the largest number of homeowners volunteering with UB Getting Dirty volunteers will recieve the highest priority, as they will have the greatest affect on this day of service.

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