University Heights, Buffalo, NY

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

VEDA Yoga Space

Veda yoga, yogi, health, awareness, buffalo, north buffalo, hertel ave, university of Buffalo, meditation, buffalo yoga, yoga classes, yoga space, yoga studio, buffalo, nyNew to University Heights:
VEDA Yoga Space
1862 hertel Avenue

VEDA is a primarily hatha yoga studio offering a variety of classes to suit all bodies and levels.
Stop in and say hello or get information and sign up online at:

Yoga: A school of Indian philosophy accepted as a science and practical method of self-discovery.

Benefits of yoga practice (among many others!)

• Stress relief
• Postural improvements
• Reduction in muscle tension
• Improved muscle strength and tone
• Increased joint flexibility
• Increased range of motion
• Improved physical balance and coordination
• Replenished endurance/ energy
• Cleansing and nourishing of tissues through increased respiration and circulation
• Nervous system regulation/ restoration of emotional balance
• Relaxation and rejuvenation
• Improved self-awareness/sensitivity
• Improved concentration/ mental clarity
• Promotion of restful sleep
• You will learn to love and understand your own body, listening to what it needs. You will discover your strengths and accept your areas of resistance without fear or avoidance. With heightened sensitivity and awareness, you will progressively grow and gain confidence in all areas of life.


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