University Heights, Buffalo, NY

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Award Winning Indie Films in an Old Time Theater

Amherst Theater
3500 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14226

The Amherst Theater, located at 3500 Main Street in the University Plaza, offers a unique selection of critically acclaimed independent films. One of three locally owned and operated theaters, the Amherst is a great source of culture for film afficionados. The movies are selected by a New York City film booker and can usually only be seen locally at the Amherst Theater. The theater itself is a throwback to the ‘50’s from the neon marquee to the real butter used in their popcorn. There are usually only 3 films playing at a given time due to there only being 3 screens, adding an endearing quality to the theater that is lost in modern cinemas. It’s location across from UB South is ideal for Heights residents, UB south dormers, or North Campus dormers taking the Stampede. Students pay $7 at all times except Tuesdays when all films cost only $6.50. Use the link above to see what films are currently playing and be sure to make it over for a one of a kind movie experience!

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