University Heights, Buffalo, NY

Monday, March 9, 2009

University Height Collaborative

The University Heights Collaborative (UHC) is a community-based group of residents and other interested people working together to maintain and enhance the quality of life for all in our neighborhood. We have been doing this by establishing neighborhood watches on each street. This strategy empowers the residents to address issues immediately arond them. Our committees include: Beautification, Business Involvement, Communication, Crime & Safety, and Landlord Outreach. We work with residents, property owners, University at Buffalo staff and students, law enforcement officers, business owners, our elected officials, and other community leaders in order to coordinate resources and co-create our future.

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  1. Could someone please fix the spelling of our group that appears in the heading above? ("Height" needs to be changed to "Heights".)
    And then delete my comment, please -- or just don't post it, if it needs to be approved. Thank you very much!